Cordova’s ‘Paradigm’ released!


Well, this kinda’ slipped out without telling anyone. I sort of think the label missed a trick here. One of the best loved Dreamwave tracks of recent years, Cordova’s Paradigm, has finally got an official release, with a bunch of reMixes in tow too, where was the fanfares? Where was the spotlight? Where was any promotion at all? It’s a pity, as Paradigm is a killer track !

Even by the time it hit the internet mid-last year it was already a year old, now over twelve months later it’s out , and sounding fresher than ever. Cordova is the meeting of U-Tern (Vaughn Oliver, making massive waves this year as one half of Oliver themed double act Oliver) and his buddy AJK, with Roxy on vocals, and Paradigm is so good it made it into the top five in our twenty best songs of 2011 and in our post on the track we used the words “fucking awesome”.  It’s a massive slice of Dreamwave boogie with husky vocals and Sci-Fi vocoding. Nearly two years after it’s creation it hold up and kicks it’s contemporaries arses! And now there’s reMixes too! Broke One gets a look in with a shuffling House mix that mixes a Chicago vibe with an almost UK Garage feel, keeping it smooth. British DJ Fingerman whips up something a little more synth Disco with his mix, pacing choppy synths against Tropical percussion for a funky, airy, groove. All that’s left to say is how glad we are that this if finally out, and how bewildered we are that the label decided not to tell anyone about it.

♫ Cordova (Feat. Roxy) – Paradigm

♫ Cordova (Feat. Roxy) – Paradigm (Broke One reMix)

♫ Cordova (Feat. Roxy) – Paradigm (Fingerman Rework)

Cordova Paradigm is out now.

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