Embryonik reMixes Evanton


Time to roll out the lino and turn the boombox up to 11. Electro wizard Embryonik is back with a brand new reMix. This time he’s tackling the title track of the new EP from Evanton. Evanton is a Greek Italo duo featuring Binalog head honcho Evangelos Zacharopoulos who are creating some awesome retro Electro sounds.

The original version of the track is like a musical Terminator, A relentless machine march of vintage beats and Moroder Disco basslines. Embryonik mixes things up a little, bringing to robot drive of the track into fresh melodic places. Equal parts Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa, the track has got that combination of B-Boy beats and chilly European soundscapes that first formed the Electro sound. It’s got a killer riff too. Whether with the juggernaut Electro beats or the breezy synth melodies, Embryonik hit just the right note here. Another quality tune from the man.

♫ Evanton – Magnetron (Embryonik mix)

♫ Evanton – Magnetron

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