[Audio] Embryonik’s new EP



Out today is the new EP from one of Greece’s finest exports, Electro producer Embryonik. Titled Nightflight the EP is a six track journey through a synthesized, apparent plane crash. A concept piece of work that tells a story, instrumentally, carrying the listener through optimism to tension and then finally the EP’s finale, and lead track, Heaven.

Heaven is a bright slice of Italo with a sinister undercurrent. With a classic Italo bassline and rich synth tones, Embryonik captures both an emotion and a groove in this piece. Although the track is based around an upbeat vibe and loaded with shimmering synth chimes, there is a certain air of melancholy to it. But like all the best 80s tune, and all the best Italo music, it balances the Mirrorball and the sadness perfectly.

♫ Embryonik – Heaven

Heaven is taken from Embryonik’s Nightflight EP, out today on Binalog Productions.

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Embryonik reMixes Evanton


Time to roll out the lino and turn the boombox up to 11. Electro wizard Embryonik is back with a brand new reMix. This time he’s tackling the title track of the new EP from Evanton. Evanton is a Greek Italo duo featuring Binalog head honcho Evangelos Zacharopoulos who are creating some awesome retro Electro sounds.

The original version of the track is like a musical Terminator, A relentless machine march of vintage beats and Moroder Disco basslines. Embryonik mixes things up a little, bringing to robot drive of the track into fresh melodic places. Equal parts Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa, the track has got that combination of B-Boy beats and chilly European soundscapes that first formed the Electro sound. It’s got a killer riff too. Whether with the juggernaut Electro beats or the breezy synth melodies, Embryonik hit just the right note here. Another quality tune from the man.

♫ Evanton – Magnetron (Embryonik mix)

♫ Evanton – Magnetron

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Embryonik reMixes IDC


Dark Future SynthWave Producer Embryonik gets in an Italo state of mind for his latest reMix as he takes on renowned Electro DJ & producer IDC’s new single ‘Everybody.

From the offset you’re presented with a relentless Moroder-esque arpeggiated bassline and beat that is a powerful driving force in this track, a robotic command to dance. But then this regimented backing soon become a platform for some seriously sweet lead lines, one of the funkiest little synth riffs I have heard in a long time. Having listened to the whole EP I can definitely say Embryonik’s reMix is the standout. This track is pure ‘80’s Electro heaven and brings to mind so many SynthPop and Italo moments and it was all made on hardware synths, Embryonik’s keeping it real!

♫ IDC – Everybody (reMixed By Embryonik)

‘Everybody’ is out now on Corsair Records.

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Embryonik’s new EP


This Friday sees the release of Embryonik’s new EP ‘Skyscraper on binalog productions.

Containing three three original tracks and five choice reMixes the EP is an evocative, synthetic, audio journey through a dark metropolis. Kicking off with ‘Watergun’, a track that bleeds Italo into B-Boy Electro, the listener is already presented with the soundtrack to rain soaked, neon lit, future streets. Like the dark cousin of Italo, ‘Watergun’ presents Vangelis-esque atmospheres with EBM basslines. The mood continues into ‘Elevator’, a track with a soaring melody that seems to tell a story set against machine beats. This track in particular contains some really sweet synthesizer flourishes.  ‘Burning Bridges’ ends the original tracks in a reflective future Disco style. ‘80’s Italo forms the backbone for strings and racing leads to lift you out of the concrete oppression. Whether or not it was intended, there is a definite narrative feel to the EP, a trilogy of tracks that take you by the hand through a post BladeRunner cityscape. The reMix package is worth the price alone, our friend Jordan F provides the standout mix of ‘Elevator’, a laid back, uplifting antidote to the original’s doom and gloom, maybe injecting a little romance into Embryonik’s gritty Sci-Fi flick.

♫ Embryonik – Watergun

♫ Embryonik – Elevator

♫ Embryonik – Burning Bridges

♫ Embryonik – Elevator (Jordan F reMix)

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