[Audio] ATTAR!’s ‘Love’



Out next month is the first various artists compilation EP from Clair De Lune Records. This Belgian label hits the ground running with it’s inaugural release featuring work from Leach & Lezizmo, Lumoon & Rob!n and this luxurious tune from one of our favorite deep and dark producers, ATTAR!. ATTAR! weaves Deep House, Disco and EBM through his tunes and this new one, Love, displays all three with a silky finish.

Love serves up some classic House sounds; and then drags them to a mysterious, enigmatic, Sci-Fi space with haunting sounds reminiscent of early Detroit Techno. Amidst all these sweeping futuristic tones and tension building synth strings ATTAR! keeps things from getting to lost in the darkness of space with an infectious House groove. Deeper than Deep House, Love is a House oubliette, one in you’ll never get out.

♫ ATTAR! – Love

Clair De Lune’s Various Friends EP is released 13th March.

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[Audio] ATTAR!’s ’45 Days’



Belgian synth warrior ATTAR! returns this week with a brand new single. Once again showing off his electro prowess as he recruits Induce & Santana to drop 45 Days. Out now via Eskimo Records, the single comes complete with reMixes from Douze and Rob Made and an English version of the originally French tune.

But the reMixes have nothing on the sleazy SynthPop of the original. Pulling everything from Acid House to Italo into a slightly disco influenced mix, ATTAR! has created something akin to Visage meeting Jean-Michele Jarre produced by Phuture. As cinematic as it is groovy, Induce & Santana’s duelling vocals are the icing on the cake.

♫ ATTAR! (Feat. Induce & Santana) – 45 days

ATTAR!’s 45 Days is out now

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