No shit, Sherlock!: Eskimo Disco – Japanese Girl

No shit, Sherlock!: A chance to enthuse about music from the last few years that pre-dates electronic rumors, this stuff has probably already been blogged to death years ago, but we need a chance to get how much we love it off our chests. We already love it, you already know and love it…and are probably bored of it, but we’re going to blog about it anyway…


Eskimo Disco, eh? A bit chameleonic. Sometime Indie band, sometime Electro band. The describe themselves as ‘”Party Music”, and that’s probably as good a description as any. From their début single ‘7-11’ each release held something new.

But we’re here to talk about ‘Japanese Girl’, their third single from 2007. ‘Japanese Girl’ is pretty close to being perfect. For me, personally, it’s got everything I’m looking for. It’s electronic. It’s SynthPop, but the live drums and analogue synths give it a raw edge. It’s Indie-electro without the need for jangly guitars. It’s got vocals you can sing along too and vocoded vocals. It’s catchy and it’s got Ooooo Ooooo’s!

What more do you want?

Oh yeah…

Eskimo Disco – Japanese Girl (Radio Edit) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Whether you like ElectroPop, Electro-House and Indie-Electro, there’s something for everyone in this song and the single came with a reMix by none other than Fred Falke!

The singles and their album, ‘Robots And Laptop Dancers Make Good Friends’ are still available:

Eskimo Disco @ 7Digital

Eskimo Disco @ Amazon