[Audio] Moderns’ ‘Lies’



Here we have some new music from L.A.’s Moderns. Moderns is the new project from our very own Let Em Riot who is bringing a breezy Indie flavour to his emotional Dreamwave style. Following their début of last month, Sub Urban, their latest release is Liar and it continues their journey thought deeply personal and relatable SynthPop tunes and once again proves that Alan Oakes is one of the finest songwriters in the genre.

Liar shows off more of Moderns’ sweeping and nostalgic Pop music. Exquisitely produced, the track sounds like it’s cut straight from an 80s teen movie and then remastered for 2014. Spacious and washed with reverb, the track is densely layered but never sounds crowded. Even Alan’s vocals are given room to breather amongst the airy pads and snapping snares. While you’re here check out the duo’s cover of Echo & The Bunnymen’s 1985 single Bring On The Dancing Horses which let’s these guys really revel in their 80s Indie side.

♫ Moderns – Liar

♫ Moderns – Bring On The Dancing Horses (Echo & The Bunnymen Cover)

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Virgin Magnetic Material reMixes Echo & The Bunnymen

Echo & The Bunnymen

If you’re not familiar with the reMix work of Virgin Magnetic Material, you should be. Usually we have a dim view of ‘artists’ who do nothing but reMixes, but Tel Aviv’s Shai Vardi just has a knack for picking the right tunes, and doing exactly the right thing with them. It doesn’t hurt that he refers to himself as a ‘reMix project’ rather than a producer or artist. Whatever he calls himself, almost all of his reMixes, and there are loads, hit just the right spot.

His latest work is a reMix of Echo & The Bunnymen’s 1984 Indie hit The Killing Moon, a track we may have mentioned before we have a soft spot for. VMM does exactly the right thing with the track, doesn’t try to turn it into a dance classic, or a floorfiller but works with the mood of the song, transforming it into a moody electronic masterpiece full of drama and tension. Slowly building on top of the deep rolling bass with layers upon layers of dark synths and plucked strings throughout the track until it reaches it’s climax, VMM crafts a powerful listening experience that actually does the original justice.

♫ Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon (Virgin Magnetic Material reMix)

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