[MP3] Mr. Mitsuhirato edits Django Django


Like some Disco with your Indie Rock? Well, you’re in luck Discotexas head honcho Mr. Mitsuhirato has whipped up this storming edit of current hype darlings Django Django’s Default. Editing the track how track should be edited, Mitsuhirato drags those hooks straight to the dancefloor.

It’s no mean feat to mix up Django’s surfy Indie with a Mediterranean Disco vibe, but Mitsuhirato pulls it off and delivers a whopping slab of rocking, floorfilling, mayhem. Our guess is that Mitsuhirato heard the track and though ‘hello, there’s some killer riffs in there, I’ll just have them please’, mixed them up with a little mew drums and bass and bob’s your uncle, how the track was always supposed to sound. Well, what else are you going to do with riffs like that?

Django Django – Default (Mr. Mitsuhirato Edit)

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