[MP3] Crystal Coast’ ‘Symphonie Des Grauens’



Back in February we introduced you to new Chillwave outfit Crystal Coast. Coming out of Tennessee and Georgia, this duo serve up a whole mess of swirling, hazy synth sounds. They’ve just dropped a brand new track, Symphonie Des Grauens, as a precursor to their forthcoming new EP.

Symphonie Des Grauens is in equal parts haunting and funky. A soft focus, downtempo, R&B beat underpins a tune full off ebbing and flowing synthesizers and buzzing drones. Coming together to to create a dreamlike musical haze, the track’s ethereal vocal weaves in and out of the soundtrack like a ghostly lament. Crystal Coast are quietly putting out some seriously good stuff, you should be paying attention.

♫ Crystal Coast – Symphonie Des Grauens

Crystal Coast’s EP is out soon.

Check out more from Crystal Coast on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Crystal Coast

Crystal Coast

Let us introduce you to Crystal Coast. A new project out of Tennessee and Georgia creating some lush, dreamy electronic music. Comprised of Tesha Blair, on vocals, and producer Reggie Whitehead who have got together to create some seriously luscious Chillwavey Dream Pop.

Their song Glitter, is a hazy swirl of reverb washed drums and rich synth soundscapes. A beautiful three and a half minutes, pinned down by a steady groove, the tune flutters in the breeze, waves of haunting synths ebbing and flowing in and out of the track. Coupled with Tesha’s ethereal vocals, that haunt the song, it makes for a laid back electronic experience with surprisingly funky core. Definitely an interesting début.

Crystal Coast – Glitter

Check out more from Crystal Coast on SoundCloud.