Cosmonauts’ ‘April Top Ten’


Cosmonauts – April Top Ten = London’s most cosmic Disco double act, Cosmonauts, drop their favorite tracks of the month. Expect an hour of retro space-age grooves, deep synth Funk and the smoothest of House track. This mix has been workin’ our weekend!

Cosmonauts – April Top Ten

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Cosmonauts & Kolombo


This month Cosmonauts release their latest single, ‘Stardust’. The single features a reMix from a producer who’s been really stepping up his game recently, Kolombo.

Kolombo’s reMix rests on a analog bass groove that you really can’t not nod your head to, it’s irresistible. Deep and pulsating the rhythm section is both hypnotic and funky and is the prefect playground for Kolombo’s big retro synth chords. An stunning meeting of Nu-Disco and retro synth work, this is the standout of the single which features the likes of Linntronix and The Deadstock 33s.

♫ Cosmonauts – Stardust (Kolombo reMix)

‘Stardust’ is released 19th March on Cosmonauts own label, Super Trooper.

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Cosmonauts reMix Moby


See Moby in this picture? Doesn’t he look sad? Well he is!

He’s sad because his record label saw fit to deem this dub version of Cosmonauts reMix of his forthcoming single ‘The Right Thing’ not ‘on the single ‘material. We’d be sad too, although the vocal version of the mix will be on the single, this dub is an awesome instrumental Disco groove with an Italo bassline..

Moby – The Right Thing (Cosmonauts Unreleased Dub)

‘The Right Thing’ is out 12th December.

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