[Video] Client’s ‘Refuge’


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This is the second video from the new Sarah Blackwood-less Client. As far as we’re concerned the jury is still out, but we’re pleasantly surprised. Refuge is all rampaging arpeggios and Ladytron-esque folky vocals from new Bristolian Client Nicole Thomas (and having a Bristolian Client is pretty awesome) delivering sweeping Pop choruses. A good start.

Carlo Roberti directed the enigmatic clip, with a nice muted colour pallet and tons of drama.

Client’s new album, Authority, is out 21st March.

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Dubstar reunite for Buffetlibre/Amnesty International ‘PEACE’ project.


As part of electronic rumors continuing support for Buffetlibre DJs’ and Amnesty International’s ‘PEACE’ project, we are pleased to be able to announce that the album is now available! Described by the Buffetlibre guys as a ‘musical atlas’ the record features over 150 brand new songs by artists from over 50 countries, including some big names that will be of interest to our readers, such as: The Antlers, frYers, Gooseflesh, Jori Hulkkonen, Kissogram, Marc Almond, Marsheaux, Micro, The Neon Judgement, Patrick Wolf, The Toxic Avenger, Kid606, The Ultrasonics, Operator Please, You Love Her Coz She’s Dead, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tesla Boy, 4hero, ASCII.Disko and Avian X…just to name a few!

Of particular interest is a brand new track by Dubstar! It seems Sarah Blackwood and the guys have put their differences aside for this good cause and recorded a cover version of Passions’ ‘I’m In Love With A German Film Star’. 2008 was the last time we had the possibility of Sarah taking time out from the wonderful Client to record new Dubstar material but things turned a little sour. If a reason to shake hands and make music was needed, then drawing attention to human rights abuses worldwide seems like a very good one.

The Buffetlibre guys have very kindly allowed electronic rumors to exclusively share this track with you lot.

It’s a lot more post-punky, shoegazey even, than I had expected, but a track the washes over you and carries you away with it. The instrumentation and vocals swirl around each other and swell toward the finale. It’s nice, as well, to hear Sarah singing in her ‘Dubstar’ voice (as opposed to her ‘Client’ voice) again, it reminds me of the early 90’s so much I can’t help but smile.

Dubstar – I’m In Love With A German Film Star (zShare) (MediaFire)

Does this mean a future for Dubstar? Who can tell.

You can choose to pay between €5 and €25 for the album, which for 180 tracks and artwork is a cracking deal, and the collected money will be used for Amnesty International’s investigation and action campaigns aimed at preventing cases of Human Rights abuses around the world.

Fantastic cause, Fantastic album, just listen to the stream here.

‘PEACE’ is out right now, head on over to Buffetlibre’s site to grab a copy and make your donations!

Peace @ Buffetlibre DJs

Client’s Sarah Blackwood & William Orbit


Acclaimed Electronica/Trance producer William Orbit dropped this track on his blog a couple of days ago, it’s a version of his track ‘White Night’ featuring vocals by none other than Sarah Blackwood, vocalist and frontwoman of ElectroPop heroines Client (and ex-of Dubstar).

The original’s a bit more bass heavy and ethereal, this is some sweet sounding, straight-up ElectoPop. Sarah’s vocals give the song a sense of sultry urgency that the original was lacking. Honestly, I think this deserves a single release!

William Orbit (Feat. Sarah Blackwood Of Dubstar & Client) – White Night (Version) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘White Night’ is originally from the album ‘My Oracle Lives Uptown’

William Orbit @ Beatport

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Client: ‘6 In The Morning’ reMixed


Those nice fellows at SubSpace Communications have sent on over this reMix of ‘6 In The Morning’ by UK ElectroPop goddesses Client.

Client have been a staple of the worldwide ElectroPop scene and, having weathered the mainstream’s on/off relationship with Electronic music, continue to churn out great album after great album. Maybe now the mainstream is (temporarily) in love with ElectroPop it’s time for Client to be elevated into super-stardom?

This reMix is supplied by Biomekkanik, which is Christer Hermodsson (or Crull-E!) from Sci-Fi SynthPoppers S.P.O.C.K., now producing EBM flavoured ElectroPunk with this side-project. With this reMix he turns the 60’s tinged ‘6 In The Morning’ into a hypnotic Electro-Rock beast.

Client – 6 In The Morning (Biomekkanik reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘6 In The Morning’ is taken from Client’s 2008 album ‘Heartland’, go check it out:

Client @ SubSpace Communications Store

Client @ Beatport

Client @ Juno

Client @ 7Digital

Client @ Amazon