Chromatics’s new video

Chromatics’ new single ‘Kill For Love’ is out now, and here’s the video.

Alberto Rossini directs this dreamlike look at Chromatics on tour with a nice ‘70’s found-footage sheen.

‘Kill For Love’ is out now on Italians Do It Better.

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Chromatics’ track from Drive


So, buy now you know how awesome the Drive soundtrack is, featuring the likes of Kavinsky and College alongside Cliff Martinez’ electronic score.

It also features ‘Tack Of the Clock’ from Chromatics’ excellent album ‘Night Drive’. Edited down to fit the scene by Chromatics and Johnny Jewel the track wasn’t released independent of the album. So Johnny has uploaded it to SoundCloud saying this “A lot of people have been asking about the different version they are hearing in the film. The original “Night Drive” version is around 15 minutes long. Nat Walker (Chromatics / Desire) & i reconstructed it from the original tapes in order to make it heavier in the theatres & cut it to the picture. What we didn’t know was…the soundtrack people weren’t going to let people get it individually. They are trying to rope you into buying the whole album… But all the kids really want is Desire, Kavinsky, & College… So here it is for free. Pass it on. xo johnny jewel”.

Check out the atmospheric, tense, electronic throb of ‘Tick Of The Clock’:

Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock (Drive Movie Edit)

The Drive soundtrack is released September 27th.

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