[Video] Chlöe Howl’s ‘Disappointed’


Chlöe Howl   Disappointed  Official Video    YouTube

Last week UK  ElectroPopstar Chlöe Howl released the new video for her track Disappointed. Slick modern Pop that is slated to be her next single.

The video tells a story through the medium of Roller Derby. Which is fair enough.

Chlöe Howl’s Disappointed is released 27th July.

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[Video] Chlöe Howl’s ‘Rumour’


Chlöe Howl   Rumour  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Chlöe Howl’s energetic song Rumour. It’s actually not the first video for the track, but we guess someone smart at her label though the track was deserving of a second, bigger budget, outing. We agree.

The video has a chess tournament in it. We’re sure that means something but we’re not sure what. It looks awesome though.

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[Video] Chlöe Howl’s ‘Paper Heart’


Chlöe Howl   Paper Heart   YouTube

Grinding synths ahoy on the new single from British single/songwriter Chlöe Howl’s new single Paper Heart. Following Rumour and No Strings, Paper Heart is a big, brash, ElectroPop monster,

The clip is just a pretty run of the mill stroll in the park, if you average stroll in the park involves really trying to get a message across.

Chlöe Howl’s Paper Heart is released 9th December..

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