[Mixtape] Bxentric’s ‘Mix Four’



Bxentric – Mix Four = Here’s another new mix from Bxentric. Prepare yourself for over an hour of funky as hell synthetic sounds; rolling from the Balearic to the Cosmic on a Disco tip.

Bxentric – Mix Four

The tracklist:

01. Afrobuddha Meets Kakatsitsi Drummers – Obame (Dub Mix)
02. Richard From Milwaukee – Free Love
03. Tornado Wallace – Bit 1
04. Casino Times (Feat. High Hopes) – Stirling (Damiano Von Erckert Rmx)
05. Split Secs – I’m Not Losin’
06. DJ Kaos – From Inside (Tiago Club Dub)
07. Javen Souls – Future (Maurice Fulton Mix)
08. Richard Rossa – Draco
09. Octa Octa – Shower Nights (Second Chance Mix)
10. Walter Jones – A Night In Newark
11. Squarehead – Dead Reyt
12. Unknown Artist – Unknown

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[Mixtape] Bxentric’s ‘Mix Three’


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Bxentric – Mix Three = Surely Bxentric has done more than three mixtapes! This latest hour in his current series is an eclectic mix of House, Nu-Disco and Italo sounds with some surprising influences, swinging the listener from mood to mood with an overall Cosmic vibe.

Bxentric – Mix Three

The tracklist:
01. Wild Rumpus – Musical Blaze up (Rub & Tug Bitches Rmx)
02. Nick Chacona, Anthony Mansfield – Burning Sensations
03. Sir Stephen – Bastard Prince
04. Daniel Wang – Warped
05. Morgan Geist – Palace Life
06. Runaway – Brooklyn Cub Jam (Brennan Green’s Version)
07. Wild Rumpus – Kazan
08. Brassica – At Least I Know Why
09. Diskjokke – Asa Nisi Masa
10. Nubian Mindz – Afrika Man

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[Audio] Bxentric’s ‘Surrender’ (+Kevin McKay & Phil Kelsey reMix)



Well, it really has been quite a while since we heard an original tune from Nu-Disco producer Bxentric. Apart from the wonderful Foolishness, which featured on Aeroplane’s In-Flight Entertainment compilation last year, you have to go way back to 2010 and tunes like Complete and Vice (awesome tracks) to grab a bit of Bxentic goodness. Keeping busy he seems to have dropped the ‘-‘ and the ‘!’, grabbed Bristolian songstress Emily Breez from Vents, and lines up a storming release for the always top Glasgow Underground.

Surrender is an atmospheric and evocative slice of huge sounding Italo Pop. Actually, surprisingly so. It’s a far more straight-up ElectroPop track than we would have expected, but we like being surprised, and we were certainly pleasantly surprised by the classic 80s sound of Surrender. Breez’s borderline Goth croon curls it’s way around the track like smoke, whist Bxentric delivers pulsating basslines, ghostly arpeggios and razor sharp retro leads, but despite all these robotic elements, Bxentric injects the track with a nostalgic warmth too. reMixes on the single come from Cosmic Kids, Kevin McKay and a couple of versions from Kevin McKay & Phil Kelsey, including their Club Mix, which serves up the track with a side order of burbling Deep House groove.

♫ Bxentric (Feat. Emily Breez) – Surrender (Original Mix)

♫ Bxentric (Feat. Emily Breez) – Surrender (Kevin McKay & Phil Kelsey Club Mix)

Bxentric’s Surrender is out now on Beatport, everywhere else follows 12th August.

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