[Mixtape] Bxentric’s ‘Mix Three’


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Bxentric – Mix Three = Surely Bxentric has done more than three mixtapes! This latest hour in his current series is an eclectic mix of House, Nu-Disco and Italo sounds with some surprising influences, swinging the listener from mood to mood with an overall Cosmic vibe.

Bxentric – Mix Three

The tracklist:
01. Wild Rumpus – Musical Blaze up (Rub & Tug Bitches Rmx)
02. Nick Chacona, Anthony Mansfield – Burning Sensations
03. Sir Stephen – Bastard Prince
04. Daniel Wang – Warped
05. Morgan Geist – Palace Life
06. Runaway – Brooklyn Cub Jam (Brennan Green’s Version)
07. Wild Rumpus – Kazan
08. Brassica – At Least I Know Why
09. Diskjokke – Asa Nisi Masa
10. Nubian Mindz – Afrika Man

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