New tune from Bon Accord


Bon Accord, London based producer  Michael Wright, featured on electronic rumors last year with his instrumental DreamPop EP True Delusion. He’s been a bit quiet since but this week stopped by the ol’ inbox to drop of his latest creation, more blissful electronics in the form of Pleasure.

It’s a track that lives up to it’s name, bouncy and diverting but with a warm mood of fantasy. Still working with a sound that lives at the intersection of BedroomPop and Chillwave, Bon Accord adds a slight Disco groove to his rich pallet of vintage synth sounds, letting his sparking melodies and buzzing pads fill our minds while the rhythm section moves our feet.

♫  Bon Accord – Pleasure

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Bon Accord’s new EP

Bon Accord is Michael Wright, a Hackney based producer of spacey DreamPop, he’s just released a new EP, for free!

With the ‘True Delusion’ EP Michael effortlessly walks the line between BedroomPop and Chillwave, and makes it his own by sprinkling it with snatches of UK  and 90’s House. The four tacks on the EP are reverb drenched slices of electronic beauty. Dreamlike and emotional, track like ‘Glazed’ and ‘True Delusion’  wash over you and carry you away in their intertwining melodies and distant vocals.

Bon Accord – True Delusion

Bon Accord – Glazed

‘True Delusion’ is out now.

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