The Robot Scientists’ ‘Black Hole’

The Robot Scientists ft. Lisa

Up next is the first release from brand new Berlin based label Emerald & Doreen, a new collective dedicated to releasing new and interesting SynthWave and Electronic Disco. Their début record comes courtesy of German duo The Robot Scientists, and their Lisa featuring, ‘Black Hole’

‘Black Hole’ is a deep collision of the machine and the human. Robotic beats and post-Italo arpeggios fill a cold and regimented place in the song which is juxtaposed with some particularly Indie guitar work and Lisa’s timid, almost naïve sounding, but hopeful vocals. The electronic contains elements from all over, there’s a lot of ‘90’s dance music in there, some Balearic too and a pulsing analog groove. The reMix package has to be seen to be believed, it’s rammed full of excellent takes on the track, including Irregular Disco Workers’ Italo version which sounds like and EBM/Italo soundclash in a dark European nightclub and Electro master Alexander Robotnick surprisingly funky stripped back Tropical mix. You’ll also find work from our favourite Nu-Italo (is that a ‘thing’ yet?) man Kid Machine, who’s ‘Vocoder Dub’ is featured on the EP, but who’s ‘Vocal Mix’ and ‘Vocoder Mix’ we can present to you right here. His vocal mix is the core of his work here, and may be his best track to date. Like a cyborg Vangelis, Kid Machine conjures up synthetic sounds that in anyone else’s hands might sound distant or inhuman, but the Manc producer instils his Italo influenced arpeggios and sweeps with a rich emotional quality and an atmosphere that goes beyond synthesizer dance music. His ‘Vocoder’ Mix’ builds upon the foundations of his main mix but, with the addition of vocoded vocals, gives the track even more of a dark future vibe.

♫ The Robot Scientists (Feat. Lisa) – Black Hole (Extended Version)

♫ The Robot Scientists (Feat. Lisa) – Black Hole (Irregular Disco Workers Italo reMix)

♫ The Robot Scientists (Feat. Lisa) – Black Hole (Alexander Robotnick reMix)

The Robot Scientists (Feat. Lisa) – Black Hole (Kid Machine Vocal Mix)

The Robot Scientists (Feat. Lisa) – Black Hole (Kid Machine Vocoder Mix)

‘Black Hole’ is out today via Emerald & Doreen.

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Giorgio Moroder’s ‘E=mc²’, a whole bunch of reMixes!

Giorgio Moroder

‘E=mc²’ is my favourite Giorgio Moroder track, so it was with great interest that I approached Sweedish Disco label MB Disco’s new collection of reMixes of the track. They released a ton of reMixes in the package and invited some legendary figures in Italo and Cosmic Disco to take part.

To run down some of the stand out versions let’s start with L.I.S., who turn in a deep analog Disco track, all rounded bouncy bass and sparse arpeggios. using similar instrumentation to Moroder let’s L.I.S capture a similar mood but with a much updated sound. Gomma’s Rodion drops a RoboDisco version of the track next which is almost exactly what I had in my head that this release would contain before I listened to it. Frantic, slightly retro, synthetic Disco that layers upon the original, making it more complex and full with an Italo twang.  Speaking of Italo, legends of the genre Klein & MBO deliver an unsurprisingly ‘80’s mix, raw 909 beats and Italo basslines are in order here that stays true enough to the original but adds an eighties euro dancefloor feel that could have easily seen it as a 12” release from the early ‘80’s. The release is also graced by Electro pioneer Alexander Robotnick who’s dark vocoding and Kraftwerk-on-steroids electronics create a completely different track, more of a homage to Moroder. Alongside theses tracks, you’ll find on the record work from Dionigi, I-Robots and Daniele Baldelli.

♫ Giorgio Moroder – E=mc² (L.I.S. Rework)

♫ Giorgio Moroder – E=mc² (Rodion Gran Manigheo reMix)

♫ Giorgio Moroder – E=mc² (No More Klein & MBO reMix)

♫ Giorgio Moroder – E=mc² (Alexander Robotnick reMix)

‘E=mc² – The Italian Connection’ reMix collection is out now.

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