[Audio] Leeuw’s ‘Waters’



OK; first things first. Leeuw is pronounced “Lay-U” (apparently Dutch for ‘lion’). I know, I know, it’s hard to get used to, but it’s best that you start saying it right now because you’ll probably be saying it a lot in the future. The reason you’ll be saying it a lot in the future is because it’s only a matter of time before Leeuw become huge. That’s just a fact. Leeuw is otherwise knows as Californian Laura Maus (ex-of an indie-folk duo called Sense Motive) who is making some of the most compelling ElectroPop we’ve heard for a while (and that’s saying something, being the website that we are). She’s teamed up with producer Wolves for her début single. It’s called Waters, press play below.

Riding over skippy, almost Trap-y beats, Waters serves up layers upon layers of crystal clear synths for Leeuw’s heartfelt vocal delivery to glide over like silk. Kinda’ like an L.A. version of Avec Sans, there’s similarities of sound between the two, with Leeuw adding a west coast Funk quality to the mix. Managing to be both uplifting and haunting at the same time, Waters’ stacked soundscape is loaded with mystery while Laura’s introspective vocals feel very close and personal. After this kind of assured début, we’ll definitely be keeping an ear our for more from Leeuw.

♫ Leeuw – Waters (Prod. By Wolves)

Leeuw’s Waters is out now.

Buy Leeuw’s music from:


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