[Audio] GotSome’s ‘Don’t Stop’



Last week this tasty treat got a spin on 1Xtra from Monki. It’s a new tune from Bristolian bass heads GotSome. Whether it’s a forthcoming new single or not is not known at this time, it’s possibly a track they’ve put together for their sets, who knows? What we do know though is that it would be a sure fire summer festival monster if released. It’s fittingly called ‘Don’t Stop’, check it out below.

As you would expect, this tune is a non stop bass juggernaut. Mixing up their heavy bass sound with a sprinkling of Chicago House, GotSome deliver a stomping and mesmerising peak time tune. With a pulsating tuned kick complimenting the bassline, the track conjures up a percussive hook that kinda’ works it’s way into your brain. Add to that some House stabs and brooding vocal samples and you have a heady and intoxicating mix.

♫ GotSome – Don’t Stop (Radio Rip)

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