[Audio] Maya Jane Coles reMixes Sam Smith’s ‘Lay Me Down’



This week saw the release of the reMix package of Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down. Smith has experienced a meteoric rise to stardom in the past year, going from ‘that guy on House records’ to Brit and Grammy Award destroying superstar who can entice the very best in production talent. Like this reMix from the awesome Maya Jane Coles. Check it out.

Lay Me Down is a great showcase for Maya’s particular brand of enigmatic vocal House. With her trademark low slung basslines and cavernous synths Smith’s song takes on a whole new persona. A haunting and intoxicating new track with a compelling groove, this one takes it’s time to travel it;s mesmerising journey, drawing you deeper and deeper in as it does.

♫ Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Maya Jane Coles reMix)

Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down is out now.

Buy Sam Smith’s music from:


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