[Audio] Chloe Martini’s ‘Volatile Dreams’


Chloe Martini

This week Polish producer Chloe Martini released her new EP via Roche Musique. Warsaw based musician Anna Zmijewska is already the subject of quite a bit of attention from the likes of Bondax, Annie Mac and Friend within who have all championed her tunes. With a manifesto to Bring back the 80s, Chloe Martini serves up some of the smoothest Electronic Soul and Dreamwavey Nu-Disco around. Her new EP is titled Private Joy; here’s our favourite track from the release, Volatile Dreams.

Volatile Dreams features talkboxed vocal stylings from Azteka to help it along it’s thick synth Funk path. Slick-as-all-hell retro Disco is provided by a densely layered concoction of lush synths, punchy vintage bass and busy rhythms. For such a new and young artist, Volatile Dreams is an incredibly mature production showing a deep understanding of 80s Soul, Funk, Disco and Boogie. It’s also the perfect summertime jam. A powerhouse dancefloor track, but also nostalgic to the max. Impressive stuff.

♫ Chloe Martini – Volatile Dreams

Chloe Martini’s Private Joy EP is out now.

Buy Chloe Martini’s music from:


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