[Download] AIMES’ ‘Harmonique Cosmique’



Harmonique Cosmique is the latest single from one of our faves, Brooklyn’s Discomeister AIMES. Goin’ all musical high-brow, the man had dropped a concept single where he delivers four version of the same track, all targeted toward different dancefloors. There’s the AM Version, the Beach Version, the Late Night Version and the Disco Version; which you can check out below.

The Disco Version of Harmonique Cosmique plays to AIMES strength. It’s a synthetic Robo-Disco masterpiece, loaded with vintage futurism and late 70s/early 80s Sci-Fi Disco tropes all wrapped up in some sick synthesizer funk. The machine bass commands you to dance while all manner of popping and zapping electro plays out over a  tapestry of attention seeking lead lines. Upbeat and energetic, this is AIMES’ comfort zone and he nails it.

AIMES – Harmonique Cosmique (Disco Version)

AIMES’ Harmonique Cosmique is out now.

Buy AIMES’ music from:

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