[Download] Russ Chimes Presents: Terraza’s ‘Rivage’


Russ Chimes

Next up on Russ Chimes’ Uno Mas label is an EP billed as Russ Chimes Presents: Terraza. Out this week, the EP contain three storming tracks; ending on this tune, Rivage which, once you’ve heard it, I’m sure you’ll agree is the perfect epic release closer. In celebration of the impending release, Mr. Chimes is giving away this tune as a freebie which you can pick up over at Mixmag.

Rivage perfects a nice balance between head-down, strobe light, Deep House grooves and hands-ion-the-air Balearic sunrise euphoria; making it a top choice for a 4am ‘bring them home’ track, and why it works so well as the EP’s finale; it leaves you with the feel-good factor. Deep, punchy basses underpin a wash of lush pads and infectious piano hooks in uplifting symphony. As the track hits you in rushes, distant vocal snatches tie the tune together. We guarantee you’ll be hitting repeat.

Russ Chimes Presents: Terraza – Rivage

Russ Chimes Presents: Terraza is released tomorrow.

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