[Audio] Yelle’s ‘Bouquet Final’



Amazing French ElectroPop outfit Yelle, still one of the best live acts we’ve ever seen, have just announced the release of their new album. To be titled Complètement fou, this will be the trio of Yelle, tEPr and GrandMarnier’s third studio offering and, so far, they have been getting better and better with each release. Check out the albums advance single Bouquet Final below (and yes, we know it’s been out on YouTube for a couple of weeks, but y’know, fuck lyric videos!).

So Bouquet Final bodes extremely well for the album. Kicking off with a coarse, crunchy, bit crushed beat the song soon evolves into a giddy, undulating, slo-mo SynthPop powerhouse. Huge grinding synths and a groaning bass wash in and out of the track as Yelle’s energetic vocal glides from sweet to epic. Feasting a nice line in twisted leads and an unrelenting pump, Bouquet Final is a great way to start Yelle phase three,

♫ Yelle – Bouquet Final

Yelle’s Complètement fou is released 30th September.

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