[Download] AIMES’ ‘Burnin”



Stop the press, our boy in Brooklyn, AIMES, has just dropped a power bomb! Teaming up with NY vocalist Javi to drop a bran new track that hit you from the first bar. Burnin’ will be getting a full release alter in the year on AIMES’ own Wonder Stories imprint, complete with a host of reMixes, but until then the track is available to download right now. Careful, it’s razor sharp!

A neo-Italo juggernaut, Burnin’ hits the ground running with a rapid fire arpeggiated bassline that is relentless in it’s funkiness, it grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go for five minutes. A House track at heart, Burnin’ delivers on everything you want to fill the dancefloor, all mixed up with AIMES own unique spring synth style. Javis vocals are just the icing on the cake, soulfully tempering the edges of this hard hitting tune. Keep this in check until the weekend!

AIMES (Feat. Javi) – Burnin’

Burnin’ will be released with reMixes later in the year.

Buy Aimes’ music from:

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