[Audio] Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Like A Drug’ reMixed by Avan Lava



We’re still very much crushing on Queen Of Hearts’ recently, and surprisingly, release album Cocoon, it’s a solid and highly enjoyable début that perfectly encapsulates QoH’s musical journey so far. Released on the same day was the video for album track Like A Drug which, although not exactly a single, is being treated a such. First with the clip, now with this summertime Pop reMix from Brooklyn gang Avan Lava.

This reMix is so bright and shiny, if it was a physical object you wouldn’t be able to look at it. Clean crisp synths, from the bassline to the twisting leads, fall on the shimmering end of the spectrum as they weave in our out of the syncopated groove. This all works perfectly with QoH’s euphoric vocal delivery. Like audio sunshine, Avan Lava’s reMix of Like A Drug will brighten up your day. If you’re looking to continue the starlight Pop experience then you should definitely check out Queen Of Hearts’ Cocoon right now.

♫ Queen Of Hearts – Like A Drug (Avan Lava reMix)

Queen Of Hearts Cocoon is out now.

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