[Audio] La Roux’s ‘Let Me Down Gently’


La Roux

Sunday night we had a little gush on social media about how good the new La Roux track was. It had leaked that evening and ever since we’ve been itching for an official stream to post, and now here it is. We’ve been nervous about hearing new La Roux material for a while now, ever since the reports a couple of years ago about how Elly Jackson was turning her back on electronic music and recording an Indie Folk album. ‘Just another artist using ElectroPop as a stepping stone and then ditching it’ we thought. Well, thankfully that album was scrapped (hence the massive gap between releases) and La Roux is well and truly back in sweet SynthPop mode.

Let Me Down Gently is actually amongst the best tracks La Roux has ever released. Mixing perfectly those times when Elly shines, the quieter more passionate moments,  with a solid Disco beat and stuttering synths. Not quite 80s sounding, but loaded with 80s references, from the lilting Sax solo to the dreamy lead. In short (as we mentioned on social media), it’s very very very good and has us mentally excited for the album, Trouble In Paradise, released in July.

♫ La Roux – Let Me Down Gently

La Roux’s Let Me Down Gently is out soon, Trouble In Paradise is released 7th July.

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