[Audio] Pawws’ ‘Give You Love’



We’ve had our eyes, or ears, on North-Londoner Pawws for a while now, but never got around to writing anything. Well, prepare to have that remedied. Lucy Taylor is gearing up for the release of her new EP, titled Sugar, next month and it’ll contain this amazing retro-Pop gem. This is Give You Love.

It;s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything that manages to sound so fresh and contemporary, yet so incredibly 80s. Pawws song itself, is just that right blend of melancholy and optimism, and is modern Pop in every way. Sweet and slightly quirky, the vocals nicely contrast the rich musical accompaniment that is quintessential 80s SynthPop. It’s very easy (using the word ‘easy’ in context, not saying it’s actually easy!) to make modern Pop music, and very easy to make 80s throwback music, but not-so easy to pull of totally 2014 sounding 80s Pop. Pawws succeeds with buckets of style.

♫ Pawws – Give You Love

Pawws’ Sugar EP is released 16th June.

Buy Pawws’ music from:


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