[Audio] Dubka’s ‘Deathwish’ & ‘Eumenides’



We got our first taste of Martin Dubka’s début solo single last week with the video for Deathwish. The single has been pretty eagerly awaited round these parts, the man’s production flair for the likes of Tyson, Tesla Boy and Ali Love, alongside a swathe of reMixes and collaborations have all made it right to the top of our playlists. Also, he’s the subject of the the best Future Music In The Studio With… ever (so nice to hear someone actually talking about composition, as opposed to the latest hot DJ chatting about Ableton plug-ins and then looking nervous when someone asks what Key the track is in)

Both Deathwish and it’s B-side, Eumenides, are deeper than deep hypnotic House jams. The former greets you from the offset with a mantra-of-a-bassline and a stripped back Deep House flavour. The vocal chant echoes round a track that perfectly captures the warehouse vibe. Strobe lights and peeps lost in the music. The enigmatic dance vibe is carried over int o the B-side. Eumenides works an enthralling bassline of it’s own, digging deep into robotic grooves with punchy synths that are tempered with a starlight melody. These two from Dubka are aimed squarely at late night dancefloors.

♫ Dubka – Deathwish

♫ Dubka – Eumenides

Dubka’s Deathwish is out now.

Buy Dubka’s music from:

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