[Audio] Blende’s ‘Paramount’



London based Swede Blende is at it again. Having pinched the top spot of our favourite tracks of 2013 with his storming single Rikki, Johan is releasing a brand new EP later this month vie Eskimo Recordings. Titled Paramount, the EP boasts three new original tracks, each packed with uplifting and funky vibes. Have a listen to a couple of them below.

The EP’s title track nicely blends (pun intended) a Disco funk with some slick SynthWave. With, what feels like, a decidedly British Pop slant, this five minutes of synthesiser bliss rolls with a mid-80s flavour pushing synth solos and popping electro toms to the forefront and then couples that with a late 70s piano Disco groove. It’s heady combination that is sure to be stuck on repeat.  Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Plush, which sees Blende going even further into cinematic 80s synth territory. Heavy synth bass and plucky synthesized guitars conjure the best in 80s straight-to-video Sci-Fi to mind. Sweeping keys pick up the track’s mood while sparkling melodies dance around the dystopian soundtrack. Heavy, but optimistic stuff. Another killer release from Blende.

♫ Blende – Paramount

♫ Blende – Plush

Blende’s Paramount EP is released 7th April.

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