[Download] Russ Chimes’ ‘Motions’


Russ Chimes

So I’ve been sitting on a bunch of new music for a bit…” says one of our favourite producers Russ Chimes. We can’t help but feel that’s downright selfish of him. Is he sitting on the cure of cancer too? Anyway, the man is at least attempting to make it up to us by stating to deploy this backlog floorfillers. Today he hits the ground running with this first free download, Motions.

Motions is a high-octane belter of a tune. Beat and bassline heavy, the tune constantly builds on it’s frantic pace with layers and layers of purcussion. There two duelling basslines in place, a kind of post-EBM arpeggio and a rumbling warehouse shaker, that work together to really power the track along; leaving the rest of the track peppered with slightly shuffling hats, mantra vocal snatches and warm pads. And intoxicating tune from the British master.

Russ Chimes – Motions

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