[Audio] V V Brown & Kele Okereke’s ‘Faith’


VV Brown
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Top Pop star V V Brown is well and truly back to the beats with the forthcoming release of Faith, the third single to be taken from her sophomore album, last years’ Samson & Delilah. This new single version of the track sees ex-Bloc Party frontman and ElectroPop artist in his own right, Kele Okereke take up duet duties adding a new dimension to the song.

Brooding and electronically ominous, the tune could quite easily fell into he trap of being cold and distant, but Brown and Okereke’s warm vocals make sure the tune never looses it’s soul. The Deep House beats and synth grumbling give the song a dancefloor twist too. At first glace it’s a melancholic track, but more intensive listening revels a buoyant optimism but lyrically and musically,

♫ V V Brown (Feat. Kele Okereke) – Faith

V V Brown’s Faith is released 28th April.

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