[Audio] Metronomy’s ‘Love Letters’



Devon Indie-ElectroPopsters Metronomy have unveiled the title track of their eagerly awaited new album, Love Letters. As tasters of what to expect from the new record go, it follows November’s I’m Aquarius single and will also be released as a single. Unlike I’m Aquarius, the track won’t be premièring through an astronomy app, which is a shame, but the track doesn’t need any fanfare. Just listen.

Love Letters is a bizarrely Honky-Tonk take on ElectroPop. With a 60s flair and a buoyant piano hook, the track is strangely enchanting. Feeling like it never takes itself too seriously, the mixture of synths, with woozy vintage sounds, a seriously LFO’d organ and a staggering muted trumpet solo make for an interesting, and unusually compelling track. A break from the norm for Metronomy, but a fun one.

♫ Metronomy – Love Letters (Radio Edit)

Metronomy’s Love Letters album is released 10th March 2014.

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