[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards: ELECTRONIC RUMORS’ 2013



So, the trade-off of being signed to the hugely acclaimed and trend setting electronic rumors Records is that you immediately become disqualified from placing in the prestigious electronic rumors Awards. I know, right? It’s a tough decision between being on the world’s hippest label, or being ranked in the world’s most influential charts.

Those that do decide to sign on the dotted line become part of the electronic rumors family, and although we can’t list them in our end of year round-ups (there would be far too much weird bias going on there), we can drop a couple of paragraphs about how awesome each and every one of them is and how the electronic rumors Crew’s year has been.

We kicked things off in February on the one year anniversary of the compilation that started it all, electronic rumors Volume 1, with the release of electronic rumors Volume 1: The reMix EP. Four artists who appeared on the compilation (Queen Of Hearts, Ronika, Kid Kasio & Echoes) had their compilation contributed tracks reMixes by four other artists who appeared on the compilation (Substatic, She’s The Queen, LexiconDon & beaumont). The results were ecclectic, occasionally surprising, and all-round funky as hell.

♫ Ronika – Wiyoo (Substatic reMix)

Then, completely out of the blue, came the amazing Canadian producer Box Of Wolves and his collaboration with Christa Vi, Boy. A tune that came to us at just the right time, it was exactly what we were looking for. Cool, edgy Pop with a raw Disco feel and heaps of enigmatic charm. Back with reMixes from Toronto’s Cyclist and Tongan producer Summer Occasion it was a killer release.

♫ Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi – Boy

Again, stretching out genre muscles we chanced upon London based Indie-Dreamwave duo New Arcades and hooked up with them for the release of their début, self titled EP. Being released in June, this was just what the summer ordered with six tracks of breezy, nostalgic, emotional, urban ElectroPop.

♫ New Arcades – Into The Skyline

electronic rumors’ original gangsters She’s The Queen returned in July with a double A-side single announcing to the world they had big things planned. Two storming Pop songs, in two very different styles, Cold Heart/I Don’t Wanna Know definitely sets up the New York duo for a massive 2014.

♫ She’s The Queen – Cold Heart

Disco dark horse beaumont finally let us release the Elle Pierre featuring Vampire in September. With a massive reMix line-up consisting of Clancy, StardonE, BeatLoaf and Helmut Schelsky this was our dancefloor destroying release of the year. It still sends shivers down our spines when the bassline kicks in.

♫ beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire

electronic rumors staples She’s The Queen & Let Em Riot got cosy in November to release a free double A-Side single. Fantasy/There U Go featured to tracks from these talented artists archives as a little thank you to the fans who have supported them over 2013. And two storming tracks they were too. Either one could have easily been a single release in it’s own right, bt you can get both for free!

♫ Let Em Riot – There U Go

We tried to do a little good with our final release of 2013. X-Mas Rumors came out the week before X-Mas after some incredibly last minute production work from the artists as they generously leant their time to a shot notice charity EP we put together. electronic rumors newcomers Kids At Midnight joined Let Em Riot, She’s The Queen and beaumont in covering their favourite X-Mas songs with 100% of the EPs pay-what-you-want revenue going to The Alzheimer’s Society. By X-mas day we could donate a healthy chunk of change of this very worthy charity thanks to some amazing fans supporting both the music and the cause. It was the best X-Mas present we could have received.

♫ Kids At Midnight – Last Christmas

Of course the WebZine is still going strong too, against all odds, but once again we want to thank you lot. You who read. You who buy releases. You who keep us going. Without you we are all nothing, consider yourselves family too.

Things got a little hectic toward the end of 2013 so a few releases were pushed back to 2014. So as we come into the new year expect some massive stuff from Kids At Midnight, Box Of Wolves, Freak You, Ali Jamieson and The Sanfernando Sound & Kid Kasio, just for starters.

We love you all.

As always, you should definitely pick up some of this music, it all comes highly recommended and most can be purchased here:


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