[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards 2013



So, as a hush descends over the room, conversations trail off into awes silence, the lights dim and it’s time to start the show.

With red carpet shenanigans now behind us, everybody having strutted their stuff in their finest trappings, all that’s left is impatient anticipation….

Welcome to The electronic rumors Awards 2013!

Although it now goes without saying, the following list were pant-shittingly hard to compile. What soon became clear was that 2013 was very much a year of albums. Some stunning full length records were released this year, mostly overshadowing single releases in terms of hype. It was also, weirdly, a year of emperor’s-new-clothes releases. Over-hyped marketing extravaganzas that everybody felt they had to say they liked for fear of being seen as uncool. There were a whole bunch of albums that blew up and rightly deserved it, but an equal amount that were just the product of clever PR strategies and lazy music journalism.

But, whatever. Each to their own. These are our lists anyway. Like it or not, this is what floated our boat in 2013. As ever, we probably forgot something important, overlooked something from the start of the year, but whatcha’ gonna’ do? If we have forgotten something; no-one will be more pissed than us. So let’s just not mention it, eh?

Oh. There’s the drum roll. Get comfy, we’re about it begin…

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