[Download] Perseus’ ‘Shadow Of The Beast’



It’s been quite a while sine we last heard from French Express main man Perseus. Over a year in fact since his last rash of releases, the acclaimed Seychelles and Love In Zanzibar. From out of nowhere, this week saw the man dropping a brand new track, and possible his best to-date. We can’t stop listening to this one!

With a title like Shadow Of The Beast, and the eerie intro, you’d be forgiven for expecting some dark, a bit experimental, atmospheric piece. But no, Shadow Of The Beast almost instantly becomes on of the most infectious slices of Boogie you’ll hear this year. Given it’s first airing on Perseus’ Boiler Room set earlier int he month, Shadow Of The Beast rolls together a little Ashanti vocals, an rubbery bassline and a whip-crack snare with some lush 80s synths to create a Disco tinged, House leaning, R&B fuelled, retro dancefloor mover. That chime melody’ll send shivers up your spine.

Perseus – Shadow Of The Beast

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