[Download] We Draw A’s ‘Whirls’ EP


We Draw A

The latest release from Kamp!’s Polish ElectroPop label Brennnessel comes in the form of a majestic, and free, EP from We Draw A. We Draw A is a Polish artist, who serves up a nice line in moody, emotional and deep ElectroPop with some pretty ecclectic instrumentation. This is his second EP. His début from earlier this year, Glimpse, was also free.

The Whirls EP hold four tracks of spacious, smokey ElectroPop. The EP opens with Silent Tide, an enigmatic affair that begins layering haunting tones, a electro-tribal lament, before launching into ridiculously catchy beats and basslines for it’s finale minute. Close is a shuffling tune in a classic SynthPop mould, loaded with thick synth bass and  heartfelt vocals, followed by Waking Hour which eases you in with a metallic intro ahead of it becoming a steady and passionate ElectroPop number with Industrial overtones playing off Indie vocals. Overtone which continue into the noisy and grimy Harm, where the falsetto voice hovers above distorted beats and squealing synths. It;s a full and rich EP, definitely something you should be investigating.

We Draw A – Close

We Draw A – Waking Hour

We Draw A’s Whirls EP is out now, you can download it here.

Check out more from We Draw A on SoundCloud.

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