[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’


britney spears

Is Monsieur Adi a Pop star yet? We were sure it was supposed to happen about now. We consulted the oracle and everything. Still What’s Going On? is released today, and it’s hotly tipped for chart dominance, so we’ll give it a week or so. In the meantime he’s doing official reMixes for Britney Spears. That’s a thing that happens when you’re a Pop star y’see.

You gotta’ give Britney credit for trying, she’s like a Pop Jack Russell trying to get at your cuppa; relentless. Also Toxic was awesome. Adi’s take on her latest single, the toe curling Work Bitch, applies his bombastic Electro to the track and is never once ashamed of going large. His rousing, cinematic, orchestration is present and correct, layered with big room synths and a nice line in boomy kicks. In anyone one else’s hand’s these huge riff and Britney vocals would have been pure cheese, but work in a little of that Adi 78-piece orchestra, and it all suddenly goes a bit epic.

♫ Britney Spears – Work Bitch (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Britney Spears’ Work Bitch is out now.

Buy Britney Spears’ music from:


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