[Download] Punks Jump Up’s ‘Fairlight’


Punks Jump UP

Ahhh the Fairlight. No joke, one of my earliest, fuzzy, memories was the Fairlight on Tomorrow’s World. I think this spaceship console of an instrument instilled in me from an early age a love of music and technology combined. Fairlight is also the title of London groovesters Punks Jump Up’s new tune. A tune which comes in two flavours, Video and Club varieties. So you’ve got a tribute to the CMI for every occasion.

The Video Mix of Fairlight, which we’ll take to be the de-facto Original Mix until informed otherwise, is a rich slice of DancePop, heavy on the Disco vibes. The track highlights Punks Jump Up’s knack of being able to produce on the cusp of 80s and 90s sounds. You’ve got late 80s basslines, mid-80s sampling, early 90s keys and a distinct nod to PJU’s mid-00s roots, all wrapped up in fresh, clean and contemporary production. Fairlight’s Video Mix is like a melting pot of everything that’s awesome in the history of Dance Music. The Club Mix falls a lot more in the House camp, unashamedly so’, bringing a Chicago groove to the tune. Revelling in warehouse euphoria, the Club Mix delivers big on all the nostalgic dancefloor requirements for a peak time party starter. Both track are available for free download, which seems like too good of a deal, we’re still waiting to find out there’s a catch.

Punks Jump Up – Fairlight (Video Mix)

Punks Jump Up – Fairlight (Club Mix)

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