[Download] Walter Sobcek reMix Laurent Voulzy’s ‘Grimaud’


Laurent Voulzy

Ahhh the new reMix from boarder spanning Nu-Disco outfit Walter Sobcek has us all nostalgic for the heydays of Dreamwave. You know what we mean. Back in 2008 and 2009 when everything was all breezy synths and hazy nostalgia. And Walter Sobcek were releasing their first material. the guys capture the mood perfectly with this reMix of classic French singer Laurent Voulzy’s 1979 tune Grimaud.

The reMix is all stabbing vintage synths, a New Order-esque bassline and hushed French vocals, not to dissimilar to Sobcek’s own Je Me Souviens. A track that reminds us we wish Walter Sobcek would release another original tune at some point, this reMix is everything you could want from a Dreamwave tune. It’s bright, carefree, and no matter how grey thing are at the moment, injects a little sunshine into our lives. C’mon guys, more please.

Laurent Voulzy – Grimaud (Walter Sobcek reMix)

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