[Download] Earl Grey reMixes Iñigo & Kamizi’s ‘Foreplay’


Iñigo & Kamizi

You know when Earl Grey drops a new tune that you have to prepare your ears for something a little different, a little interesting, and it’s no different with his latest tune. It’s a reMix of Mexicans Iñigo & Kamizi’s forthoming single Foreplay, and it mines the depth of early Futurist SynthPop and 80s space-age Italo to deliver an enigmatic synthetic groove with nods to B-boy Electro.

Through the tune there’s a strain of distorted vocals that would have sat quite nicely on some mid-80s EBM, but the rest of the tune delivers an amalgamation of post-Kraftwerkian dance music. Taking in everything from a early Bronx beat to an epic Italo arpeggio line, this truly is a tune for connoisseurs of electronic music and one that highlights Earl Grey as a standout producer amongst his peers. Oh, did we mention it’s damn funky too, in a lonely broken robot kinda’ way.

Iñigo & Kamizi – Foreplay (Earl Grey Sextrumental Mix)

Iñigo & Kamizi’s Foreplay is released 4th November.

Buy Iñigo & Kamizi’s music from:

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