[Audio] John Foxx & The Maths reMixes Adult.’s ‘Tonight, We Fall’



Here we end the week with an absolute synthesizer legend remixing another, not-quite-so-legendary–but-still-pretty-legendary artist. SynthPop pioneer and electronic music foundation John Foxx, alongside long-time collaborator Benge as John Foxx & The Maths have reworked the new single from Detroit ElectroClash originators Adult.’s new single, Tonight, We Fall with unsettling results.

What Foxx and cohorts present for you here is five minutes of growling synths, icy arpeggios and machine beats. Factory floor filtered electronic rhythms and hypnotic melodies pin the track down into a relentless march of synthetic sounds broken only by an epic, soaring, middle eight and Adult.’s Nicola Kuperus post Post-Punk vocals. The original version of the track is surprisingly jolly in comparison, after listening to the John Foxx mix, the originals beats seem skippy, the lead lines playful, the harsh drones positively welcoming.

♫ Adult. – Tonight, We Fall (John Foxx & The Maths reMix)

♫ Adult. – Tonight, We Fall

Adult.’s Tonight, We Fall is released 27th August.

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