[Audio] Fenech-Soler’s ‘Last Forever’



We had a quick look at the video for UK ElectroPop heroes Fenech-Soler’s forthcoming new single, Last Forever, earlier this month, but now the single release is drawing nearer, and indeed the release of the following sophomore album from there guys titled Rituals, it’s time to sit down, or stand up, whatever’s your preference, and give the single a listen.

Last Forever is everything you’d want, and expect, from a Fenech-Soler tune. It’s a big, anthemic Pop song. Don’t be fooled by the first 7 seconds of the song sounding like Lion’s theme to TransFormers: The Movie, Last Forever soon launches into a feel-good, summery Indie-ElectroPop monster that is, more than the previous records, set to announce Fenech-Soler’s comeback. It’s still time for this to be a summer hit.

♫ Fenech-Soler – Last Forever

Fenech-Soler’s Last Forever is released 15th September with Rituals released a day later.

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