[MP3] Goldroom covers Elliot Smith’s ‘St. Ides Heaven’



So, kicking off this article professing our ignorance. We have no idea who Elliot Smith is. Maybe it’s a being-from-the-UK thing and he never really made it over here, we don’t know, it doesn’t happen to us much. One person who is very much aware of Elliot Smith, though, is Josh from Goldroom, who cites him as one of his songwriting idols, and anyone who led Josh to the kind of songwriting he has crafted for NightWaves and Goldroom is OK by us.

Goldroom have covered Elliot Smith’s tune, St. Ides Heaven, launching into the track with shuffling purcussion and bring arpeggios, which seems odd in comparison to the slightly sombre acoustic folk of the original (yes, we did some research!), but Goldroom just make it work as they make the song their own. Taking an obviously emotionally charged song and weaving it int his trademark mix of LA sunshine House and Sea-faring Disco, Goldroom delivers a real rush of a track, letting the music balance the passion of the vocals. Goldroom have a new EP, Embrace, out in November and are embarking on a US tour to bring the EP to the masses, including a very special show on 8th November at the Glass House in California with out very own Let Em Riot! Find Goldroom’s tour dates here.

Goldroom – St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith Cover)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is released 9th November.

Buy Goldroom’s music from:

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