[MP3] LBCK’s ‘Call My Name’



Why not kick off your week, or at least the bit of the week that starts once you’ve truly gotten over the weekend, with this luxurious slow Disco jam from LA duo LBCK. It feels like forever since we’ve heard from these two, a year or two ago these guys we’re releasing some seriously good material, then all went a bit quite. Call My Name give us the hint that they’ve lost none of their flair for slick Nu-Disco grooves.

Call My Name is actually the first taste we get of LBCK’s forthcoming full length album. Titled The Goods the record is released later this month and if it’s all like Call My Name, we’re in for a treat. Verging on the Dubby, this is a laid back, sunshine Nu-Disco tune with the tempo reined in and the funk turned all the way up. Still displaying a warped synth sounds and hypnotic hooks of their speedier material, Call My Name uses the twisting sounds in a different way. Like a warm blanket of smooth tones, Call My Name is perfect late-night Disco.

LBCK – Call My Name

LBCK’s The Goods is released 27th August.

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