[MP3] Holmes Price’s ‘Work It Out’


Holmes Price

This is one that kept us going yesterday. It’s the new tune from Bath based producer Holmes Price, free to download and full of summer goodness. Titled Work It Out, the track is the prefect blend of sunshine breeziness and dark club mesmerism and definitely singles out Price, who’s delivered a pretty amazing string of reMixes recently, as one of the UK’s rising House stars.

Work It Out rides a big ol’ Chicago groove but feels decidedly British. Taking as much from the London club scene, and indeed a splash of LA Topical vibes too, as it does from Chicago warehouses, Work It Out, bring the best of everything to the table. Price weaves a dancefloor destroying tapestry of deep House beats and organ, airy Island melodies and swirling beach Disco sweeps with a distinctly UK use of vocal snatches. Work It Out will be the soundtrack to our weekend, and it should be yours too.

Holmes Price – Work It Out

Work it out is taken from Holmes Price’s new EP, out next Monday as a free download.

Buy Holmes Price’s music from:


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