[MP3] Wolf Saga’s ‘Always With Me’


Wolf Saga

Here’s the latest blissed out slice of hazy synth gold from Canada’s Wolf Saga. Increasingly featuring his vocals in his tunes seems to have allowed Mr. Saga to express himself in a much fuller way. This particular tune, Always With Me, sees the Wolfman working though some issues of peeps growing apart. and getting Chillwavey with it too.

And while he’s working otu some issues, Wolf Saga is going to deliver a big, bombastic, Indie-Electro tune that full of swirling synths and heart. It’s a sweet introspective song, with a sound that’s largest that it would at first suggest. From the growling synth bass to the sparking chimes, the track fills the speakers in a way you don’t often expect from quaint Indie-Electro. Wolf Saga is going from strength to strength, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Wolf Saga – Always With Me

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