[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Breakazoid’


Breakdancers, B-Boys, on the street, New York, USA 1981

This week SynthWave king Mitch Murder combines two of our passions in life, 80s sounding synth tunes and B-Boy Electro, on his latest offering. Breakazoid is Mitch getting his Boogie on with a glorious mix of Electro, Electronic Soul, Boogie and 80s Pop.Mr. Murder’s last few tunes have been produced with his epic soundtrack hat on, this one delves a little more into Mitch’s considerable, but slightly less shown-off talent for groove.

Breakazoid has got that late Electro sound, reminiscent of the mid to late 80s when the street sounds of New York had filtered into chart Pop. You still have the B-Boy beats, and punchy digital bass but with a sparkly high-class production sheen. And that’s that Mitch Murder shows off here so well, Breakin’ vibes with Pop sensibilities. We love this track, and would love to hear it with some upbeat female vocals too.

♫ Mitch Murder – Breakazoid

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