[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Thanks For Playing’



Here to brighten up your day, it’s the latest tune from SynthWave master Mitch Murder. Mitch continues to steadily crank out some of the highest quality retro sounds in the world. Often imitated, never duplicated, Mitch Murder’s works capture the 80s soundtrack feel like no-one else. Rather than latching onto a couple of clichéd tropes of what people imagine soundtracks were like in the 80s, Mitch  seeps himself in a real love of 80s Soundtrack music and as a result his pieces sound utterly authentic.

Thanks For Playing mixes homages to optimistic 80s Movies and very late 80s/early 90s 8-bit game console tunes. Like a breezy Sega game soundtrack composed by Vince DiCola, Thanks For Playing rolls along on forward pushing digital bassline, definitely the kind of driving force that keeps you playing. Replete with all the little infectious melodies that stick in your head to keep you coming back for more, Mitch has cracked the period game accompaniment formula and once again proven why he is at the top of his game/

♫ Mitch Murder – Thanks For Playing

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