[MP3] Walter Sobcek’s ‘Milkshake D’Amour’


Walter Sobcek

I think by now we can pretty much assume the Walter Sobcek duo have got a thing for milkshakes, of the romantic kind. The pan-Atlantic duo have been a bit quite in recent months in regard to new tunes, but have released a string of awesome mixtapes, including the Milkshake De Love tape back in February. Which is stunningly similar to the title of their new single, Milkshake D’Amour.

Walter Sobcek have never given up the Dreamwave dream, and this new single just cements their reputation as Dreamwave staples. Floating along on an infectious Italo bassline and wicked Disco licks, the tune weaves an audio tapestry of electric piano, siren synths and breezy beach tones. Add some hushed, passionate and typically Sobcek vocals into the mix and you’ve got a poolside funk tune to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anything from LA.

Walter Sobcek – Milkshake D’Amour

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