[Audio] Garth Knight’s new EP



One of the top names in the new SynthWave scene is Glaswegian producer Garth Knight, has just released his new EP. Titled, Mandroid, the new record follows on from his slick Goliath album released earlier this year and sees Knight take his rough, cinematic, electronics to ever darker places.

The pulsating, synthesizer soundtrack to some long-forgotten Sci-Fi Horror flick, Mandroid oozes electronic menace as it ploughs though it’s  five tracks. Kicking off with Construction, you can already feel an old school EBM influence infecting Garth Knight’s work as it lays down it’s rapid fire arpeggios and machine beats amidst a sea of haunting and abrasive tones. Escape works a little mid-80s Depeche Mode flavour into the EP with heavy synth bass and ringing chimes that builds up to a droning and evocative finale. The EP’s high energy centrepiece, On The Run once again shows of the EBM styling of the EP, right down to the Industrial purcussion, this is pure Front 242 territory, albeit updated for the SynthWave scene with lush cinematic chords. After the climactic onslaught of On The Run, the rest of the EP delivers a little respite with Sanctuary, a gentle and evocative synth piece where layers of melody wrap themselves around each other, and the EP’s outro, Shut Down a rousing, but ultimately final, cascade of deep synths. All in all, Mandroid is another settling body of work from Garth Knight and at a pay-what-you-like price, can;t really be beat.

♫ Garth Knight – On the Run

♫ Garth Knight – Construction

♫ Garth Knight – Escape

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